MCIO x4 SI Test Fixture Board, 87ohm, SMA 2.92mm conn


Product Summary

MCIO 4i MCB Test Fixture
The lead time will be 4-6 weeks from order to shipment.


  1. SAS4
  2. SAS3
  3. PCIe5
  4. PCIe4

Key Feature

  1. Complies with SFF-TA-1016
  2. Low Profile
  3. Backward compatible with 12Gb/s, 6Gb/s SAS, 16Gb/s PCIe
  4. MCIO connector is on opposite to RF connector
  5. RF Connector: 2.92mm K-Type
  6. De-embedding Line designed on board


  1. Complies with SFF-TA-1016
  2. Connector: Vertical
  3. Speed up to 32Gbps/PCIe5
  4. RF Connector 2.92mm K-Type, 50 ohm
  5. Connector Input/Output Layout TX0 ~ TX3, RX0 ~ RX3
  6. De-embedding Line: 2X Thru x1, 1X Thru x1. Designed on board.