In-Car Wi-Fi Validation

The application of Wi-Fi is getting more important in the transportation industry because of 5G. Wi-Fi enabled products must go through stringent tests in pursuit of faster Internet. By integrating technical consulting services with the TR-398 test cases, Allion builds the In-Car Wi-Fi Validation program for automakers to enhance the Internet experience in vehicles.


From Home to Car: Wi-Fi Is Now Incorporated into All Types of Vehicles

Since the demand for anytime, anywhere access of the Internet increases dramatically, Wi-Fi hotspots are built into head units to make the in-car experience more connected. Common use cases are:

  1. Convert 5G network into ultrafast Wi-Fi signals
  2. In-vehicle navigation and map display
  3. In-car voice assistant and multimedia system
  4. Automotive IoT devices

Diverse In-Car Wi-Fi Test Scenarios Secure the Driving Safety

Driving scenarios will become more diverse and complex as intelligent vehicle applications evolve. If an in-car Wi-Fi product does not function stably on the road, users will start losing trust in that product. Moreover, unstable in-car Wi-Fi connections might distract drivers and lead to serious consequences.

Here are 3 biggest consumer complaints of in-car Wi-Fi:

1.Cannot connect smartphones or tablets to the in-car Wi-Fi
No matter how many times users try, Wi-Fi hotspot of the head unit just doesn’t work on their smartphones or tablets.

2.Wi-Fi hotspot signal in the car is too weak

Car sizes vary. Passengers sitting in the last row of a vehicle might not be able to enjoy the same Internet speed or quality as those sitting closer to the head unit.

3.Too many devices connect to Wi-Fi and slow down the Internet
The internet gets slower because car drivers and passengers use the same Wi-Fi hotspot at the same time.

The issues mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Poor in-car Wi-Fi performance poses serious risks to product quality and brand perception. The perceived brand quality can further influence purchase decisions made by consumers.

Leave All Your Wi-Fi Problems with In-Car Wi-Fi Validation at Allion!

Based on the mandatory test cases in Technical Report 398 (TR-398), which is the industry’s first home Wi-Fi performance test standard, Allion creates the In-Car Wi-Fi Validation program that covers 6 test aspects and 10 test cases. Our validation and consultancy ensure the quality of head units with embedded Wi-Fi or of other in-car Wi-Fi hotspots devices.

With Customized Test Setting, Car Sizes and Interior Width Will Bother the In-Car Wi-Fi No More

Similar to in-premise Wi-Fi scenarios, in-car Wi-Fi signals vary in different corners of the car cabin. After we analyze the projection angle and distance of Wi-Fi signals in many types of vehicles, we discover that the in-car Wi-Fi performance is most accurately measured when we take the head unit as the center of a circle and let the central angle be 120 degrees.

Meanwhile, we mark 9 spots in the cabin space, and connect a device via the in-car Wi-Fi at each spot. Referring to the TR-398 test scenarios, we build test environments for 4-seater sedans, 9-seater SUVs, or vehicles of even larger sizes.

Good Product Verification Saves You Time, Energy, and All the Trouble

Product development requires a significant amount of time, manpower, and resources to be successful. After all the time and effort, it will be a great pity if the product quality turns out to be frustrating. This is why setting up your own Wi-Fi test facilities can be an alternative solution to improve in-vehicle connectivity and user experience.

People, environment, and equipment form the core of product verifications. Based on the three factors, Allion now offers both Wi-Fi testing and consulting services to help you get a better understanding of Wi-Fi and set up the test facilities that meet your requirements.

Allion Wi-Fi Consulting Services

Procurement of Equipment & Project Engineers

Why Choose Allion?

  • 16 years of hands-on Wi-Fi certification and testing experiences
  • Allion is one of the first test labs worldwide to provide Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ certification testing
  • Allion is the only test lab in Asia to provide all Wi-Fi certification programs
  • Assessment of test facilities, equipment procurement, and technical personnel training

Allion In-Car Wi-Fi Validation helps you address the in-vehicle Wi-Fi problems by delivering maximum support based on your needs and priorities. If you are interested in learning more about in-car connectivity and networking, please contact us at