Head Unit Wired Interface Testing

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, USB Type-C® interface is getting increasingly popular in the consumer electronics market while making huge progress in automobile technologies. Allion now provides training courses, test environment setup, and technical support on head unit interfaces to enhance product quality and accelerate test schedule.


USB Type-C® Applications in Cars

Supports infotainment systems: connecting smartphones to a head unit, making and receiving calls, listening to music, watching movies, synchronizing apps, activating voice assistant, and quick charging.

USB Type-C® Issues

USB Type-C allows drivers to multitask while driving, USB type-c enables the transmission of audio and video data, power delivery, all unified onto a single interface. There are some common issues and frustrations with USB type-c interface. The following scenarios describe situations where USB Type-C® fails to function normally, which could distract drivers.

  • Quick charging: overheats while charging devices
  • Reading information from devices: fail to synchronize data, or fail to connect
  • Using apps/software: the IVI fails to connect with your smartphone

Allion USB-C Testing for Automobiles

USB Test *Allion now provides testing services for USB4

  • Physical Layer
  • Link Layer
  • Protocol Layer
  • Power Tests
  • Interoperability Test
  • Battery Charging 1.2 Test
  • Embedded Host-Only Tests
  • Car Play SI

USB Type-C® Test

  • Power Delivery 2.0/3.0 Compliance Plan
  • Functional Tests
  • Interoperability Test
  • Source Inrush Current Test
  • Source Power Requirements Test
  • Cable & Connector Test


  • Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program Services(By Sony ATC )
  • HDMI Compliance Program(By Sony ATC)
  • HDMI Pre-Compliance Testing
  • HDMI Compatibility Testing

Allion One-stop Solution

30+ Years of hands-on experiences in USB Compliance Tests

  • Expert in fixing common USB issues, including Impedance mismatch, noise interferences, loss of signals
  • Provides detailed report and debugging analysis to enhance your products

Professional Test Chamber & Equipment approved by USB-IF

  • Scope: Keysight 33G, Tektronix 25G, R&S
  • BERT: Keysight 32G, Tektronix 20G, Anrizu 32G
  • Network analyzer: Keysight 20G, Anrizu 20G
  • USB-PD: LeCroy, MQP, Ellisys, GRL, Chroma
  • IOP: Vector
  • Authorized by Intel, Apple, Microsoft, USB, HDMI, Wifi, ETC
  • Temperature/Humidity Test, Vibration Test, RF Chamber, Darkroom, Anechoic Chamber

USB-IF Authorized, Global Test Lab with Automobile Technology Testing

  • USB-IF Independent Test Lab in 1991; Sony HDMI ATC Authorized Subcontractor
  • The leader in automobile technology tests and validations.
  • The AI-driven solution to accelerate test cycle, reduce human interventions to achieve high efficiency and accuracy
  • Global facilities with over 20,000 equipment, devices to conduct interoperability test, satisfying diverse needs of the auto industry
  • Allion Interoperability Center

Perfect Validations Are Derived from Comprehensive Consulting, Equipment, and Environment

Allion has been contributing to the development of different head unit interfaces. We help automakers and suppliers establish their own testing capabilities, including new product testing, fixture or equipment procurement, personnel training and development, and post-launch review.

Allion’s one-stop solution for high-speed interfaces covers a wide coverage of testing from connectivity, security, to interoperability. For any information regarding Head Unit Interface Consulting, please contact us at service@allion.com