USB-C® Auto Orientation Test Fixture

Product ID: AUS19129

Product Summary

For USB-C, power delivery and data communications are supported by two orientations. As both orientations must be thoroughly verified, the test time will double.
To ensure the USB-C product quality and reduce the test time, Allion’s engineering team develops the exclusive test fixture that allows you to switch between the two orientations with an H/W button. Also, you can conduct the automatic orientation testing for HighSpeed/Superspeed/CCx/SBUx signals with the software control system developed by Allion.
Allion offers you a smart and time-saving solution to verify USB-C products without continual plugging and unplugging.


1. USB-C Functionality Verification
2. Manufacture Automation
3. Long Cycling Stability & Relibility Testing

Key Feature

  1. H/W Button to swap Type-C A Side & B Side Signals.
  2. S/W UI to control or setting different Cutomers Secnario.
  3. Small Size and easy to setup.
  4. LED Indicates Orientation
  5. USB Type-C 5V Power from Console


  1. One USB C Plug Connector
  2. Two USB C Receptacle Connectors, One for DUT, One for USB-C 5V Power and S/W Console I/F.
  3. One Push Button for H/W Orientation Switch
  4. Dimension : 43.2 mm x 33.02 mm