USB-A 3.1 1 by 4 Auto Switch

Product ID: AUS22004

Product Summary

USB-A One by Four Programmable Tools


  • Cycling Testing、Product Line Manufacture
  • Stability & Reliability Testing
  • Interoperability & Functional Test

Key Feature

  • Emulate USB A Ports Plug/Unplug Function
  • Software Programmable : Ports Switch Interval,Port On/Off Timing setup,Cycling Times
  • Save Time and avoid Manual operate Error


  • One USB A Plug* Connector for Up Stream/Down Stream
  • Four USB A Receptacle Connector for Down Stream / Up stream
  • Slide Switch for Bus Powered & Self-Power
  • Tact Switch for H/W Switch
  • 5V USB-C® Power Source with S/W Control
  • Dimension : 65.15 x 73.66mm