USB-C® – Tx & Long Channel Rx Precet. Test Fixture

Product ID: AUT20044 Rev:B0

Product Summary

The original Intel USB-C 3.1 Tx Test Fixtures includes two types of fixtures, UFP and DPF. Allion Pre-Cert Test Fixture integrates functions of the two fixtures into a one-board solution, eliminating the hassle of frequent switching of two fixtures.


USB-C 3.1 Tx Signals Integrity Test

*AUT20044 is a substitute for Host 1C & Device 1C in USB31CET Kits. In order to perform the integrity test, you must have the rest of UAB31CET Kits test fixtures which can be purchased from the USB-IF.

Key Feature

  • Combine UFP/DFP testing in one Fixture
  • Better Signals quality than orignal Test Fixture


  • One USB-C Receptacle
  • One USB-C Plug for DUT connection
  • Four SMA connectors for SSTX1/SSTX2
  • Two Slide Switchs for CC1/CC2 & RP/RD Setting
  • One USB-C for External +5V Power in UFP Testing