USB-C® – USB 2.0 Receptacle HS SQ Test Fixture

Product ID: AUT17037

Product Summary

This product is designed for USB-C USB2.0 Plug Host/Device Electrical Test.


  • Host:

1.Packet Parameters ( EL_21, EL_25, EL_23, EL_22, EL_55)

2.Chirp Timing (EL_33, EL_34, EL_35)

3.Suspend/Resume Timing (EL_39, EL_41)

As for the High-Speed Signal Quality Test (EL_2, EL_3, EL_6, EL_7), we recommend AUT17094 to you.

  • Device

1.High-Speed Signal Quality Test (EL_2, EL_4, EL_5, EL_6, EL_7)

2.Packet Parameters ( EL_21, EL_22, EL_25)

3.Chirp Timing (EL_28, EL_29, EL_31)

4.Suspend/Resume Timing (EL_38, EL_39, EL_40, EL_27, EL_28)

5.Test J/K, SE0_NAK (EL_9)

Key Feature

Convert USB 2.0 Signal from Type-C Receptacle to SMA Connector


  • Three Type-C Receptacle for Host/Device and Power.
  • Two SMA Connector to hook on Scope
  • Two SP3T Slide Switchs; One DP3T Slide Switch
  • Dimension : 65 x 55mm


ALLION : USB-C IOP Test Fixture