USB A TX Test Fixture

Product ID: AUT20135

Product Summary

This newly designed AUT20135 brings enhanced user-experience with the following features:

In the previous version, the soldering joint of Test Fixture Host Fixture 1A gets worn out quickly from repetitive plug and pull. This newly designed fixture is more durable and users can easily replace the worn out SMA connectors with new ones. The signal quality of USB 3.0 is also enhanced to prevent losses during measuring.


USB 3.1 Legacy Device Tx Signals Integrity Test

Key Feature

  1. Signals Improvement
  2. SMD SMA Connector implement
  3. Vbus LED Indicated


  1. One USB 3.0 Type-A Plug Connector
  2. One USB 3.0 Type-A Receptacle Connector
  3. Two SMA Connectors
  4. 1×4 Pin Header for Vbus Measurement if needed.
  5. LED Indicator to make sure Power
  6. Dimension : 40.20 mm x 30.48 mm