USB-C® – Short Channel Rx Precet. Test Fixture

Product ID: AUT20098

Product Summary

This newly designed AUT20098 brings enhanced user-experience with the following features:

  1. Easy swap between CC1 and CC2
    RP & RD Mode: In the older version of the USB-C full breakout board, users had to manually set the jumper with a short pin. But now users can easily swap between the two by just moving the switch.
  2. In the previous version, the soldering joint of Test Fixture Host Fixture 1A gets worn out quickly from repetitive plug and pull. This newly designed fixture is more durable and users can easily replace the worn out SMA connectors with new ones.
  3. DC-in Jack is upgraded to +5V USB C port
    A boost in user experience as it makes setting up easier.


USB-C 3.1 Tx/Rx Signals Integrity Test

*AUT20098 is a substitute for Full Type-C Breakout in USB31CET Kits. In order to perform the integrity test, you must have the rest of UAB31CET Kits test fixtures which can be purchased from the USB-IF.

Key Feature

  1. Good Signal Quality compare with original Design.
  2. Slide switch for CC1/CC2 & Rp/Rd Setting,
  3. Type-C Connector for Delivery +5V Power instead of DC Jack.
  4. SMD Type SMA which’s easy to fix if there are damaged in the future.


  1. One USB Type-C Plug Connector
  2. One USB Type-C Receptacle Connector for +5V Power
  3. Eight SMA Connectors
  4. One SPDT Swicth to Select Rp Pull-Up or Rd Pull Down
  5. One SP3T Switch to Select CC1/CC2/Floating.
  6. Dimension : 58.0 mm x 45.85 mm