USB-C® – 3.2 1 by 2 Auto Switch

Product ID: AUS19104

Product Summary

This customizable fixture is brought to you by Allion Enginneering Team who have more than a  decade of hands-on experiences on interoperability tests.
When testing, engineers can use the USB Type-C automation function tools to save you the trouble of repetitive plugging and unplugging.
Engineers may also customize the fixture to meet the requirements of their produdcts, such as timer for power on-off, switch of port, and number of test rounds.


  1. Large-scale Automation Testing
  2. Interoperability, Stability, and Reliability Tests

Key Feature

  • 1 by 2, 2 by 1 USB Input/Output
  • S/W Utility with customizable test schedules: Timer for power on-off, switch of DUT, number of test rounds
  • Complete log record for tacking
  • Simulations of USB Plug & Unplug


  • One USB C Plug* Connector for Up Stream/Down Stream
  • Two USB C Receptacle Connector for Down Stream / Up Stream
  • Tact Switch for H/W Switch
  • One USB-C for External Power & S/W Control
  • Dimension: 49.57 x 44.38 mm