AI Validation Solutions for PC and OS

As personal computers evolve to reflect consumer preferences, vendors rack their brains to make their products stand out. The fierce competition among PCs leaves no room for common issues or fundamental errors. By implementing AI-driven technologies, Allion can ensure the quality of your PC product and remove your doubts. Meanwhile, we can provide the maximum convenience while requiring the minimum time.


Personal computers, including desktops and laptops, are the indispensable productivity tool in our lives. PC user scenarios change as consumer lifestyles change. To fulfill the ever-changing market demand, vendors create new PC generations, featuring various software and hardware specifications within the same operating system.

Allion integrates decades of PC validation experiences and now develops exclusive AI testing solutions. By implementing cross-platform deep-learning, automation, optimized decision-making, big data collection and analysis, Allion is able to provide the most multidimensional and comprehensive testing services.

Two Types of Common PC Issues

Allion divides common PC issues into two types: User experience issues and developer/ manufacturer issues.

Want to Make Everything More Efficient and More Effective? Check out Allion AI Testing Solutions!

How do Allion AI testing solutions benefit your business? Allion AI solutions not only reduce test cycle time but also offer product analysis and troubleshooting assistance.The core technologies listed below are what Allion encompass in the AI testing solutions.

Core Technologies of Allion AI Testing Solutions

Advantages of Allion AI Testing Solutions

Overcome Traditional Testing Limitations

Allion AI testing solutions can be applied to all types of PC and OS validations worldwide.

Work beyond Time and Space

AI solutions boost test efficiency. During non-working hours, Allion AI testing system can be automatically, continuously running without human intervention. Thus, we save more time and require fewer device-under-units (DUT).

Eliminate Human Errors

AI testing solutions ensure accuracy and consistency, particularly for issues of higher complexity and lower fault tolerance.

Transparency in Testing Process

Test results are simultaneously recorded in written and graphic forms. This makes the debugging process more transparent and manageable.

Render Troubleshooting Assistance

Allion AI Solutions are supported by deep learning and big data. Big data is accumulated during the 99.966 % consistent testing processes. We feed the huge amount of data to AI deep learning system to complete the debugging and the implementation plan.

Identify Critical Problems Faster

Allion AI testing solutions integrate test results from different projects. We categorize potential problems into high-, medium-, low-risk test items for test plan references. Thus, at the early stage of product development, critical problems can be identified as soon as possible.

Make Your Product More Competitive

Allion AI testing solutions acquire the performance data of various hardware types. Thus, we are able to provide the best consulting services to optimize your product system.

Build Cross-platform Applications

Allion AI testing solutions can help apply the core capabilities of your product across different brands and platforms, such as Android and iOS.

Time is Money. Use it Wisely with Allion AI Testing! 

Since we implemented AI, we have been reducing the test cycle time, helping our clients identify problems faster, providing comprehensive test analysis and troubleshooting advice. Take testing the App functionality on a DUT for example. On average, it takes 15 hours to manually test 90 Apps on each DUT. However, if you choose Allion AI testing solutions, the test will be finished in 7.5 hours. Each year, AI solutions save more than 50% of total testing hours and double the test efficiency.

We compile Table 1 based on different quarters of the year, project types, test cycles, model numbers, and hardware configurations. Every year, we can save up to 4,680 test hours. The more tested Apps are, the more we test them, the more considerable amount of time we save. In addition, AI maintains consistent testing operations and troubleshooting techniques, so it can improve test accuracy and reduce the risk of human error.

Allion Customization Items

Allion AI testing solutions perfectly match various test purposes and requirements. What If you had limited time and budget but still wanted to enjoy the best test quality? Don’t worry, Allion is here to offer customized test plans for your product from head to toe!

  • Installation Validation of Massive Deployment
  • OS Functionality Validation
  • Software Functionality Validation
  • Backward Compatibility Validation (After OS are Upgraded or Settings are Changed)
  • OS Updating Test
  • Software Compatibility Test
  • Software Quality Validation
  • User Experience Test
  • OS Stability Test
  • OS Performance Test

The bullet points above show a part of our AI testing services. If you need other customized AI testing solutions, please contact