Wireless Keyboard and Mouse AI Test Solution

Lagging or connectivity issues in any product are the gamer’s worst nightmare. Aside from customer feedback, is there a better way to ensure product performance in advance?
Allion, with the help of new AI testing solutions, can shorten test time, eliminate potential risks, and most importantly, become the gamer’s greatest ally.


Win the Game of Quality with AI Testing and Standard Certifications prior to Product Launch

RF Validation

Wireless gaming devices typically utilize Bluetooth and dongles, which require manufacturers to develop their own frequency-hopping sequences, firmware, and drivers. However, non-optimized sequences often run into interference and latency issues during Bluetooth connections or frequency hopping in 2.4 GHz.

Allion’s RF validation test set-up simulates a variety of environments, including offices and E-Sport arenas, to tackle interference issues that stem from other devices operating in the 2.4 GHz band.

Revolutionary Simulation of User Scenarios

Allion can recreate various forms of environmental interference to identify a wireless device’s performance using the methods below:

  • Router: Adjust transmit power of Wi-Fi to imitate high-power routers.
  • Bluetooth Devices: Set up multiple Bluetooth signal interferences. Then replicate scenarios where multiple Bluetooth devices are being used simultaneously.
  • Other Wireless Devices: Send customized signal interference using the test equipment.

Critical AI Testing that Mimics User Behavior

Aside from replicating environments of interference, Allion leads the industry by simulating user behavior. This makes the validation process more accurate and efficient.

In the past, engineers manually tested the keyboard and mouse sets for long periods of time. Physical fatigue likely causes errors.

Now, Allion utilizes AI tools—mechanical arms and automation software—to imitate human operation patterns. This stabilizes the testing process and raises accuracy. In order to analyze product performance effectively, Allion develops custom software to monitor the cursor path and key response time.

Figure 1: AI Test Solution stabilizes testing and obtains a large sum of data in a short amount of time

Figure 2: Collection of cursor movements with AI technology is useful in discovering latency issues

Standard Certifications: Bluetooth® and USB 

Aside from advanced AI testing, Allion provides one-stop technical support and consulting services. We speed up the certification process for you and your products.

Level up your Wireless Product Ecosystem

In the past, wireless product testing was conducted solely by human engineers, limiting the efficiency and accuracy of the tests. To improve upon manual testing, Allion introduces AI test solutions that focus on what gamers truly need. This shows manufacturers the potential product risks and optimizes both software and hardware, making your product perfect in the eyes of gamers!

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