Car Ethernet Testing

Connected cars are dominating the auto industry. ADAS technologies, high-end infotainment systems, automated driving technologies supported by cloud-computing and big data are delivering enhanced driving experiences to drivers. The applications of these technologies are also promoting the development of Car Ethernet, and Allion is ready to offer testing services for your car Ethernet.


What is Car Ethernet?

Car Ethernet refers to any Ethernet network that is utilized on car systems and technologies. The first version of car Ethernet is called BroadR-Reach, also known as 100BASE-T1 (P802.3bw), which is recently replaced with the latest IEEE version, 1000BASE-T1 (802.3bp).

Car Ethernet enables a faster, more intensely connected communication network for automobiles. In contrast to conventional Ethernet which adopts four pairs of UTP cables, the car Ethernet only requires one pair to reach a data rate of 100Mpbs/1000Mpbs. Other features of car Ethernet, such as high reliability, low electromagnetic radiation, low power-consumption, high bandwidth capacity, and low latency can comprehensively satisfy the needs of modern automobiles.

Different Car Ethernets and their bandwidth capacity

For instance, the high capacity of bandwidth allows the collection of real-time traffic information, transferring of audio and video profiles, to supporting data transfer of abundant sensors. The communication network is no longer a dot-to-dot one but interconnected with various sensors that significantly streamline in-car wired networks. The result of this change is higher performances in all aspects, delivering optimal experiences to drivers and passengers.

Car Ethernet Issues

Automobiles are no longer just a way of transportation, more technologies are incorporated on cars to make it more convenient and safer for all drivers and passengers.

The reliability of car technologies depends heavily on complete testing, validations, and inspections in the process of designing and building an Ethernet network. The following scenarios describe situations where Car Ethernet fails to function normally, which could possibly lead to lethal consequences.

  • Connected cars are incorporated with lots of sensors, such as camera, millimeter-wave radar, voice assistant, dashboard camera, and MIMO (smart antennae). Huge amounts of data and information are being transmitted and received simultaneously. If one of the connections goes down, the sensors might deliver false information and affect driving safety.
  • For automated driving technologies, display resolutions and in-time response are crucial. Latencies in image transmitting could result in lethal consequences.

Allion One-Stop Solution

Regulatory Standards for Car Ethernet

Allion now offers testing services for the regulatory standards of the IEEE association and Open Alliance.

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The IEEE802.3 Working Group develops standards for Ethernet networks. The Car Ethernet is built based on the structure of IEE802.3 with the modifications of existing IEE802 and IEEE802.1 Working Groups on the physical protocols, and AVB protocols.

OPEN Alliance

The OPEN (One-Pair Ethernet) Special Interest Group is a non-profit, open industry alliance of mainly automakers and technology providers working together to promote the adoption of Ethernet-based networks as the standard in automotive networking. The key goal of the OPEN Alliance is to enable the deployment of the existing 100Mbits/BroadR-R physical layer specifications, and specifications for interoperability.


Allion One-Stop Solution

Customized Validation for Car Ethernet

In addition to standardized testing, Allion also offers customized testing to further enhance the quality and performance of Car Ethernet. The cables of Car Ethernet bypass car seats, car doors, wheels, and engines, and it is challenging to ensure signal quality in such a complex environment. Allion provides environmental testing such as temperature, humidity, physical pressure, and interferences to validate the cables and ensure they work under all circumstances.

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