High-Speed Interface for Automobiles

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, the USB Type-C® interface is becoming increasingly popular in the consumer electronics market while making huge progress in automobile technologies. Allion offers testing services on in-car Type-C® interfaces to ensure they meet the regulatory requirements.


USB Type-C® Applications in Automobiles

Supports infotainment systems: connecting smartphones to IVI, making and receiving calls, listening to music, watching movies, synchronizing apps, activating voice assistants, and quick charging.

USB Type-C® Issues

USB Type-C® allows drivers to multitask while driving. It does so by enabling the transmission of audio-video data, and power delivery, all combined into a single interface. There are some common issues and frustrations with the USB Type-C® interface, however. The following scenarios describe situations where USB Type-C® fails to function normally, which could distract drivers.

  • Quick charging: overheats while charging devices
  • Reading information from devices: fail to synchronize data, or fail to connect
  • Using apps/software: the IVI fails to connect with your smartphone

USB-C® Testing for Automobiles

USB Test—Now With USB4 Test Services

  • Physical Layer
  • Link Layer
  • Protocol Layer
  • Power Tests
  • Interoperability Test
  • Battery Charging 1.2 Test
  • Embedded Host-Only Tests
  • Car Play SI

USB Type-C® Test

  • Power Delivery 2.0/3.0 Compliance Plan
  • Functional Tests
  • Interoperability Test
  • Source Inrush Current Test
  • Source Power Requirements Test
  • Cable & Connector Test


  • Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program Services (By Sony ATC)
  • HDMI Compliance Program (By Sony ATC)
  • HDMI Pre-Compliance Testing
  • HDMI Compatibility Testing

Allion One-Stop Solution

20+ Years of Hands-on Experience in USB Compliance Tests

  • Expert in fixing common USB issues, including Impedance mismatch, noise interferences, loss of signals
  • Provides detailed reports and debugging analysis to enhance your products

Professional Test Chamber & Equipment Approved by the USB-IF

  • Scope: Keysight 33G, Tektronix 25G, R&S
  • BERT: Keysight 32G, Tektronix 20G, Anrizu 32G
  • Network analyzer: Keysight 20G, Anrizu 20G
  • USB-PD: LeCroy, MQP, Ellisys, GRL, Chroma
  • IOP: Vector
  • Authorized by Intel, Apple, Microsoft, USB, HDMI, Wifi, ETC
  • Temperature/Humidity Test, Vibration Test, RF Chamber, Darkroom, Anechoic Chamber

USB Authorized Test Lab with Automobile Technology Testing

  • USB Independent Test Lab in 1991; Sony HDMI ATC Authorized Subcontractor
  • The leader in automobile technology tests and validations
  • The AI-driven solution accelerates the test cycle and reduces human interventions to achieve high efficiency and accuracy
  • Global facilities with over 20,000 pieces of equipment and devices to conduct interoperability tests, satisfying the diverse needs of the auto industry
    • Allion Interoperability Center

Allion’s one-stop solution for high-speed interfaces covers a wide coverage of testing from connectivity and security to interoperability. For any information regarding high-speed interface testing, please contact us at service@allion.com

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