HDMI Consulting

Allion is authorized by Sony HDMI ATC as the subcontractor of HDMI testing services. We currently provide HDMI testing and consulting services for OEMs, tier1 who are looking to incorporate HDMI interfaces onto their products and vehicles.


HDMI is one of the most popular audio and video interfaces on the market. Not only are HDMI interfaces used on consumer electronics, they are also incorporated on automotive entertainment systems. Drivers and passengers can connect their devices, such as smart phones, cameras, and tablets to the infotainment systems or displays on the back of the seats via HDMI interface.

HDMI Requirements & Tests

Developers are required to submit their products to Authorized Test Labs for HDMI compliance tests, and obtain the right to use the HDMI badge on their products. The types of HDMI products are categorized as follows:

Types of HDMI products

  1. Source devices: DVD players, tablets, smartphones, laptops, TV set-top-boxes
  1. Sink devices: Displays, monitors, infotainment systems
  1. Repeater devices: Signal extensions, signal amplifiers
  1. Cable and connectors: Accessories for connecting source and sink devices

Allion provides testing services to ensure your products meet the requirements.

HDMI Issues Explained

Have you ever had the experience of black screens or signal issues when playing music or videos on your infotainment systems? The quality of HDMI devices could be affected by environmental factors such as car temperature, vibrations, and noises. Drivers could be distracted from the road as they try to fix the following audio and display issues:

  1. No displays / Jittering

Possible causes: failed equalizer or inconsistent resistor may lead to errors in IC parameters

  1. Black Screens / Screen Flickering

Possible causes: inaccurate EDID content, abnormal capacitance

Allion, the only consultant you need

With more than 10 years of experience in HDMI testing, Allion provides the most comprehensive testing services for your HDMI products. We also provide consulting services to help you get a full picture of HDMI and set up your own HDMI test facilities.

Allion HDMI Consulting Services

Procurement of Equipment & Project Engineers

Why choose Allion HDMI Consulting?

  • Quick and comprehensive understanding of HDMI
  • HDMI testing services, including debugging analysis
  • Assessment of test facilities, equipment procurement, and technical personnel training

Allion HDMI consulting offers the solutions you need to comprehensively and quickly understand the scope of HDMI specifications on cars. For more information please contact us at service@allion.com