C.A.S.E Consulting

Allion C.A.S.E consulting provides a wide spectrum of testing, verification, and validation for your automotive technologies. We also offer consulting services to give you a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for IT devices on cars.


Modern automobiles feature advanced technologies that make driving easier and safer. These advanced technologies drive functions such as controlling the wheels, constant navigation, to entertainment systems such as IVI displays, media players, and even in-car wireless charging. All these functions are possible because of the intricate wired and wireless networks built in cars.

Allion can provide testing and consulting services for the high-speed interfaces and wired networks on automobiles. With our solid experiences in testing IT standards such as USB-C, HDMI, and Bluetooth, we provide you an access to learning the IT devices on cars.


Our C-V2X scenario testing can identify the potential risks and flaws of driver assistance systems. This scenario testing is based on the Standards (T/CSAE) 53-2017 released by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China-SAE). We provide standard and customized scenarios to help you understand the performance of vehicles under different circumstances.

Shared & Services

The incorporation of wireless technologies on cars is getting increasingly popular. Drivers can connect to their cars via phone apps to play their favorite songs, turn on the navigation or make phone calls. Old-fashioned metal keys are also gradually replaced with keyless fobs or digital keys. All of this is possible due to the advancing wireless technologies.

To deliver an optimal wireless experience for drivers and passengers, we need to ensure your devices meet the technical requirements and most importantly, users’ expectations.

Allion’s solutions for shared & services currently includes RF validation, interoperability, and software validation.

RF (radiofrequency) validation is a way to ensure that your wireless devices have strong signals and maintain high stability despite external influences, such as other wireless interferences or environmental noises.

For the interoperability test, we examine whether your phones can connect seamlessly with other devices on cars. We have a rich database of more than 10,000 devices to help you learn the interoperability between your devices and other products.

Software validation allows us to double-check your apps and software, identifying potential risks that could sabotage user experiences.


Electric cars have become the focus of attention in recent years.  Allion Battery Testing Services provides a series of testing to ensure the reliability and safety of the batteries installed in cars.

Allion C.A.S.E consulting, leading you to the world of connected cars

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