In-Vehicle Wi-Fi Performance Validation

People want to be connected to wireless internet at home, at the office, and even in vehicles. Allion’s in-vehicle Wi-Fi performance validation is applicable to different transportation modes, such as small family cars, buses, high-speed trains, and cruise ships. Our validation provides appropriate standards for stability, coverage, and robustness.


In-Vehicle Wi-Fi Pain Points and Their Impact on Driving Experience 

Wi-Fi has penetrated all aspects of our lives. However, compared to home Wi-Fi network, built-in or plug-in Wi-Fi hotspots in cars tend to be more unreliable. Here are some common problems that annoy in-vehicle Wi-Fi users:

  1. Cannot connect smartphones, iPad, and other mobile devices to the in-vehicle Wi-Fi
  2. Unstable in-vehicle Wi-Fi connections lead to file transfer errors, webpage loading problems, choppy videos, and distorted sound
  3. Wireless signals within a car interfere with each other and affect the internet quality
  4. Internet speed in the car is not fast enough to cover online gaming needs
  5. Real-time traffic updates lag so hard that the driver misses the exit

Poor in-vehicle Wi-Fi performance poses serious risks to product quality and brand perception. The perceived brand quality will even influence future purchase decisions made by consumers.

The All-in-one Validation for In-Vehicle Wi-Fi

Based on the mandatory test cases in Technical Report 398 (TR-398), which is the industry’s first home Wi-Fi performance test standard, Allion creates the in-vehicle Wi-Fi performance validation that covers 6 test aspects and 10 test cases. The validation can be applied to ensure the quality of head units with embedded Wi-Fi or of other in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots devices.

Test Aspect Test Case Test Description
Bandwidth and Baseline Performance 1. Maximum Connection Test This test verifies whether in-vehicle Wi-Fi can simultaneously support 9 internet-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, etc.).
2. Maximum Throughput Test This test measures the maximum digital capacity delivered by in-vehicle Wi-Fi.
3. Airtime Fairness Test This test is conducted to ensure the 9 devices that are connected to in-vehicle Wi-Fi get the same amount of airtime, regardless of each device’s theoretical data rate.
Coverage 4. Range Versus Rate Test This test measures the baseband and RF chain performance of in-vehicle Wi-Fi.
5. Spatial Consistency Test This test intends to verify the Wi-Fi signal consistency in spatial domain.
Capacity 6. Multiples STAs Performance Test This test intends to measure the performance of in-vehicle Wi-Fi which is simultaneously connected with multiple devices.
7. Multiple Association/Disassociation Stability Test) This test measures the stability of 9 devices connected to in-vehicle Wi-Fi under a dynamic environment with frequent changes of connection status.
8. Downlink MU-MIMO Performance Test This test verifies the performance of in-vehicle Wi-Fi when Downlink MU-MIMO is applied.


9. Long Term Stability Test This test measures the stability performance of Wi-Fi device under stress. Throughput and connection availability are continuously monitored in a long period of time.
Interference Robustness 10. AP Coexistence Test This test is conducted to verify in-vehicle Wi-Fi performance with the existence of other APs.

Allion’s Accumulated Experience in Head Unit Testing over 10 Years

  • Test: 150+ head units
  • Test: 3000+ smartphones
  • 80,000+ test hours
  • Discover 25,000+ issues

20+ years of Hands-on Wi-Fi Testing Experiences

Accredited by the Wi-Fi Alliance as an Authorized Test Labs, Allion is now the only test lab in Asia that provides complete Wi-Fi validation and certification services. With world-class equipment and facilities, we also offer customizable one-stop testing services according to different product features.

RF Anechoic Chamber

RF Anechoic Chamber (RF Test Lab –RF Anechoic Chamber) is the most important part in RF testing environment. The chamber can absorb any electromagnetic waves that interfere with the measurement result, eliminate reflection caused by electromagnetic waves, and isolate external signals.

In addition to superior test environments, such as test chambers, shielding rooms, and shielding boxes, Allion has developed an AI solution for in-vehicle Wi-Fi performance to take a great leap forward in test consistency, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. The latest Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ certification testing is also available at Allion. If you are interested in any of the related testing service, please contact us at