Allion Robotic Test Platform Solution (ART)

AI Robotic Test Platform Solution (ART)

By integrating robotic arms and intelligent imaging cameras, and incorporating Smart Wizard Software, Robotic Arm Control, Visual Recognition, Automated Phone Control, Audio Analysis, and Log/Report systems on its testing platform, Allion provides you with a more comprehensive automated testing solution, aiding you in effortlessly addressing testing challenges across diverse industry areas.


AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)
AI Robot Test Platform (ART)

Intuitive Interface & Programming-Free Script Writing

By simplifying the software interface, test engineers can easily manage and control test processes, saving their energy for more important matters. Through the modularization of arm motions, test engineers can quickly comprehend and set up arm motions, mobile phone actions, and system parameters without needing to write additional test scripts.

Smart Wizard: Highly Adaptable to Different DUTs

The Allion Smart Wizard software offers an easy setup of test scripts for different head units, as different models may have different user interfaces. To play music, one head unit model may require 3 button presses to play music via Bluetooth from the phone while another requires more button presses. With the Smart Wizard, the engineer only needs to input initial settings to automate testing for different head unit models.

Robotic Arm Control

The robotic arm with its adjustable stand offers a high degree of precision and stability while being fully customizable to each product’s testing needs.

This simulator is used to mimic user gestures, such as the single tap, double tap, long press, swiping, zooming in or out, pinching, and other customizable gestures. The simulator is adjustable for use under different scenarios with varying distances, angles, and space.

Automated Phone Control

Allion has created dozens of hand gestures and motions to be used on iOS and Android mobile phones when pairing headunits. The process can be fully automated once initial setup is completed, achieving headunit pairing, bluetooth controls, dialing and calling, music playing, volume controls, and more.

Allion ART-Phone control

Voice Command 

Advanced Control System
NOT only supports control of the HMI using a robotic arm, ART is also capable of controlling the head unit via voice commands and verifying its response.

Enhanced Response Verification
ART utilize Voice to Text technology for response verification, offering visual and audio confirmation.

Consistent Testing Made Easy
With voice command control for automated testing and reduced manual intervention, ART providing a convenient, efficient and accurate testing method.

AI Robot Test Platform (ART)

Visual Recognition

The smart camera integrates visual recognition software, which compares the recorded footage with the image database to recognize objects, images, or text while responding appropriately.

The visual recognition system is especially suitable for tasks that exceed the visual capacities of the human eye, such as long-term monitoring and identification of images that last for only milliseconds.

Audio Analysis

The system conducts audio analysis through sound detection, voice-to-text conversion, volume change recognition, and popping/cracking detection during music playback.

Our audio analysis algorithm is capable of automating long-term, continuous audio analysis.

Monitoring and Complementary Functions

  • Integrates Bluetooth sniffer for Bluetooth packet analysis
  • Records test footage to identify the root cause of system bugs
  • Controls USB Port through the USB Switch Port, which automates the simulation of plugging/unplugging
  • Controls power through IP Power switch, automating turning on and off

HIL Integration Control System

Allion’s HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) Integration Control System helps you significantly enhance automated testing and reduce manual intervention.

ART can be integrated with your current HIL testing systems, such as Vector, NI, dSPACE, etc., allows simulation of corresponding signals through voltage, resistance, current, frequency, and CAN Bus, enabling HIL simulation testing.

Furthermore, Allion integrates the Fault Injection testing required by ISO 26262, empowering developers to respond and recover from system faults, ensuring functional safety under normal operation and fault conditions.

AI Robot Test Platform (ART)

Log/Report System

The Log/Report System records all test activities, enabling developers to view test results and test footage, playing a key role in finding the root cause of system bugs

Adaptable Automated Testing Solutions for Diverse Industries

Regardless of whether it’s the automotive industry or smart home appliances, products being input devices or wearable tech, the AI Robotic Testing Platform (ART) stands ready to provide comprehensive automated testing solutions, assisting you in easily addressing testing challenges from different industry areas. Additionally, ART can extend its utility to specialized domains like ESD electrostatic discharge testing and production line inspection, further expanding its service coverageand diverse application value.

Automotive Industry

In addressing testing needs for electronic components and smart cockpit systems in the automotive industry, ART offers multiple solutions like Test Bench and whole vehicle testing. This aids manufacturers in achieving product quality and performance verification with high efficiency and accuracy, consequently enhancing the driving and user experience.

Get to Know More Automotive Industry Applications Now!

Mobile and Wearable Devices

Utilizing a combination of robotic arms, voice commands, and phone control systems for operations, along with visual recognition and audio analysis systems, to execute tests on a mobile device, while simultaneously assessing the accuracy of the test results.

Input Devices
  • It is feasible to conduct precise testing for touch panels, covering dots, straight lines, and diagonal lines.
  • By freely replacing touch heads of various sizes (7mm, 9mm, or larger), different types of fingers can be replicated to meet testing needs effectively.
  • Customized testing are available for unique products such as oversized electronic whiteboards and automotive touchscreens.

Smart Home Appliances / Voice Assistants
  • Operating via robotic arms and voice command systems.
  • Analyzing the accuracy of test results through visual recognition and audio analysis systems.
  • Combined with phone control systems, enabling complete automated testing.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

In previous ESD electrostatic discharge testing, the differing measurement positions for each test often led to human errors, thus impacting the accuracy of the test results.

Through the integration of robotic arms with static guns, the AI Robotic Test Platform Solution (ART) can entirely replace manual operations, ensuring measurement accuracy and consistency.

Production Line Inspection

Quality Assessment of the Production Line

  • Functional Testing to Identify and Remove Faulty Products
  • Exterior Inspection to Remove Defective Items
  • Product Configuration and Operation


High Precision
When automation replaces human labor in performing repetitive tasks during testing, it can raise test accuracy from 83% to 99%. Overcoming the limitations of manual labor, automated testing can monitor and record test conditions and detect the most minute of problems, unaffected by physical fatigue experienced by human test engineers.

High Performance
A human can work only 8 hours a day, yet automation works 24/7 round the clock, accelerating your product testing by twofold or even threefold.

High Consistency
This solution combines robotic arms with visual and auditory recognition software to ensure test results are “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible.” The ART Solution allows for the significant reduction of manual test errors, the quantification of test variables, and the reproduction of test results when necessary.

Allion ART_advantage

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