HDR10+is the royalty-free, open standard platform for High Dynamic Range (HDR). The technology optimizes picture quality for the next generation displays by adopting dynamic metadata, and also creates vivid image for better viewing experience.


The Very First HDR10+ Authorized Test Center

Authorized by HDR10+ Technologies, LLC, Allion Japan has become the very first HDR 10+ Authorized Test Center to provide HDR10+ licensing and logo certification test, and technical consultation, aiming to assist vendors in getting HDR10+ logo.

HDR10+ Licensing & Certification Services

The HDR 10+ licensing & certification program ensures that HDR 10+ compliant products meet the high standards for picture quality. As the very first HDR 10+ authorized Test Center, Allion’s one-stop solution includes Logo pre-test and technical consultation which accelerates certifications for your products.

 Test Category 

HDR Displays

 Service Coverage 

  • HDR10+Licensing and Logo Certification
  • HDR 10+ Logo Pre-test
  • Display Related Consultations & Technical Supports

Our Advantage

Allion can also provide a range of display and A/V interface standard certifications, such as UHDA, DisplayHDR, and HDMI. We have deep expertise in display technology and superior testing environment to assist you in gaining the competitive advantages of your products.

About HDR 10+

Founded by 20th Century Fox, Panasonic, and Samsung, HDR10+ Technologies LLC, is dedicated to develop HDR10+ technology and promote HDR 10+ standard for HDR ecosystem. HDR 10+ advances the traditional HDR 10 format, which optimizes picture quality by adding dynamic metadata to reflect frame to frame variation in color saturation, brightness and contrast. HDR 10+ enables the viewing experience as closed as the original intent for filmmakers.

For inquiries or HDR10+ testing requirements, please contact us directly at: service@allion.com