Launched by the Wi-SUN Alliance, the Wi-SUN Certified™ is a solution to give users confidence on smart products used in smart meters or Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS).


What is Wi-SUN?

With features such as low-power consumption, easy-setup, mesh-like networks, and IEEE 802.15.4g based specifications; Wi-SUN is a great way to build smart networks for metering controls. For instance, users can easily monitor energy consumption via HEMS with their mobile phones. As for electric utilities, they can also use Wi-SUN enabled network to optimize electricity generation and distribution.

Field Area Network, FAN

FAN is mostly deployed for infrastructure or large-scale networks such as smart power grids, smart traffic lights.

Certification of FAN

Home Area Network, HAN

With HEMS controllers, users can easily connect their smart electronics to smart meters using the HAN. This enables users to check their electricity consumption in real-time, and each smart meter could also communicate with FAN, weaving a complete network which individual households and the public infrastructure are connected as one.

What Allion can offer

As the Authorized Test Lab of Wi-SUN Alliance, Allion is capable of delivering consultancy and testing services regarding Wi-SUN certification. Our test solutions will guarantee your Wi-SUN products to be perfectly interoperable with other smart devices.

About Wi-SUN

Wi-SUN is a non-profit organization that was established in 2012. Wi-SUN now offers Wi-SUN Certified™ Certifications and is devoted to promoting HAN and FAN applications in IoT networks like smart grids and smart cities.For more details please visit Wi-SUN.