Allion is among the few accredited test laboratories offering comprehensive UPnP and UPnP+ testing services


UPnP: Connection made easy, and secured

UPnP makes it easier to configure devices for home and office use. With immediate authentication, UPnP allows connections between computers, printers, cameras, gaming, videoconferencing and many devices through wired or wireless DHCP connection and other common connection protocols. Although setting up UPnP network requires no configuration, devices however require plug-and-play validation for interoperability and security performance. More information about OCF can be found here

Accredited by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), Allion is an authorized test laboratory providing broad UPnP testing verification and validation services. Our testing solution verifies devices and services for compliance with minimum specification set by UPnP. We verify and validate:

  • Service compatibility and accessibility between different services and devices
  • Service discoverability, request application and utilization from service users
  • Customized service and develop user scenario test for interoperability with other devices and service
  • Network transparency and roaming performance
  • Privacy performance and service loss recovery


  • Discovery: detectability of device and service to services users
  • Description: credentials notification and identification between the service user and required service
  • Control: service activation mechanism by service user
  • Eventing: Service activation mechanism by service to device


OCF recently released UPnP+ which is much aligned with internet of things (IoT). UPnP+ is backwardly compatible with UPnP and connects devices on LAN, WAN and other networks. As part of OCF standard and certification, Allion performs verification test for UPnP+ to ensure devices are properly integrated for cloud-based service performance test.

  • IPv6 performance and backward compatibility test
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Secure content exchange Test
  • Content sharing Delivery Performance Test

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