Serial ATA is the standard interface replacement for hardware connection to computer bus. SATA substitutes the parallel ATA interface generally for its improved bandwidth, speed, flexibility and structure.


SATA-IO certification at Allion Labs, Inc.

Serial ATA is the hard disk replacement standard for parallel ATA (IDE). SATA technology adopts serial mode data transmission with high transfer rate improvement between 150mb/s to 300mb/s, compared with limited PATA transfer rate of 133mb/s. SATA improves air flow within the computer with the innovative physical cable structure using compressed pin connection for the best thermal performance. The voltage signal lowering capacity of SATA improves power handling and integrated error inspection technology boosts data corruption control. For details on SATA and the revised specification (version 3.3), please click here.

SATA implementation on consumer electronics is not short of difficulties. Some of the serial interfaces may not be fully compatible with previous IDE versions, and many of the SATA products do not comply with SATA certification requirements.

As one of the first official Serial ATA test labs authorized by Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) for certification of all SATA technologies, Allion provides testing services that evaluates SATA-IO Integration, interoperability and technical consulting services requested by customers.

 Testing Services

  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Optical Disk Drive
  • SATA Host Adapter
  • Standard SATA Host 
  • SATA Bridges
  • e-SATA 
  • mSATA
  • M.2 (NGFF)
  • SATA Express

Test Items

  • PHY/Electrical Test
  • Digital / Protocol Test
  • Device Mechanical Test
  • Interoperability Test

We perform additional test services, together with stress test, interoperability test and total SSD solution testing. You can contact us for further details.