WHQL ensures your device or software agrees to compatibility certification for Windows. Digitally-signed for WHQL permits driver package to be distributed through windows program.


Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) Testing

One condition to use “certified for Windows” logo for hardware and software applications, is validation (using WHQL) that the product or software is appropriate with Microsoft Windows. This certification requirement ensures your products, and drivers are up-to-date and can work properly with newest releases. To learn more about this requirement, please visit WHQL Official Website.

As a selected Microsoft partner for Windows Certification Customer Support, Allion performs WHQL for hardware, software and drivers. Our Quality Assurance verification and compliance test includes interoperability and functionality test for rapid WHQL certifications. We implement tools such as WHCK, WHLK, WHCK, ADK, and WDK to ensure usability across Microsoft Windows platforms.

 WHQL Validation 

  • Provide the latest WHQL Standards and Requirements
  • Run WHQL Test Items and Test Cases
  • WHQL Test Log / Report
  • Multiple Logo / Standards Test

 WHQL Debugging and Consulting 

  • Modern Equipment and Test Environment For Debugging
  • Expertise Advice on testing related to: EE, ME, SW/FW, RF, UE
  • Verify issues, failure analysis, and root cause identification

For specific testing requirements or inquiries, please contact us.