HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is a leading technology promoter behind the cleanest home networking platform for wireline technology


HomeGrid Forum Certification Test

HomeGrid Forum provides technical specification and certification criteria for ensuring interoperability of HomeGrid (G.hn) compliant devices and equipment. HomeGrid technology, G.hn, is considered one of the cleanest wireline home platforms for digital content access. Supporting a cleaner technology, HomeGrid Forum backs the ITU-T G.hn standards to ensure interoperability testing and certifications. For more information, please visit Homegrid Forum.

Since 2014 when Allion Labs Inc. was selected by HomeGrid Forum as the first authorized test lab in Asia, we have utilized our resource and strategic location near equipment manufacturers. Allion provides G.hn logo verification test to ensure interoperability with other G.hn compatible devices. We also provide HomeGrid Forum certification testing for either G.hn silicon or system products using plugfests and conformance and interoperability (C&I).

Testing Services

Compliance Testing – Silicon​

  • For Basic Network Performance
  • Higher Logic Calculations
  • Software and Firmware

Product Logo Certification Testing – Systems

  • Interoperability Testing
  • Performance Testing

For more Information on testing requirements or specific Gigabit Home Networking (G.hn) testing inquiries, please contact us.