As a Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) Authorized Test Lab, Allion offers Matter Certifications, Pre-tests, Consultation Services, Interoperability, and customized services. Extended Certification tests for Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and Thread are available upon request.


What Is Matter?

Matter (previously known as Project CHIP) is an open standard for products in the IoT ecosystem, allowing the next generation of interoperable products to work across brands and platforms with greater privacy, security, and simplicity for consumers.


Matter can run over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Thread, and when using Bluetooth® Low Energy for device commissioning, it will support a variety of common smart home products, including:

  • Lighting and electrical products
  • HVAC controls
  • Window coverings and shades
  • Safety and security sensors
  • Door locks
  • Media devices, including TVs and controllers for both devices and applications
  • Bridges

Advantages of the Matter Certification

  • Matter makes interoperability between certified products seamless across brands, expanding applications and enhancing the user experience
  • Matter allows the use of Certified Product logos and listing of the product on the Alliance website
  • Matter-certified products receive a 10-year certificate
  • Matter-certified products have the opportunity to be included in demonstrations at industry events, demo walls, and videos

Features of Matter

For more information on Matter, please visit the CSA website

Get Your Products Certified at Allion

Allion is one of the first Authorized Test Labs (ATL) for Matter, also having certification capabilities for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and Thread. Since Wi-Fi is one of the major technologies utilized in Matter, Allion has a unique position in Matter testing, being the only ATL capable of providing all Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs.

A Unique Position in Matter Testing

Becoming a leader in certification testing, we have accumulated more than a million projects over 30 years. Allion also works closely with international standard associations and participates in the development of numerous tech specifications. Our test services span the ecosystem of wireless, A/V, and system with experiences in compliance certifications.

Since A/V test items are closely related to Matter, Allion also offers compliance tests for Amazon Alexa Voice Service, OCF, UPnP+, DLNA, HDMI, HDCP, HDR10+, 8K, IMAX, and many more. Some certifications above are mandatory for Smart TVs to clear U.S. customs. 

Easy with One-Stop Consultancy Services

Besides certifications, Allion arranges for user experience testing,  also significant to products that support Matter. Quality of Experience (QoE) can be measured in the test environment (similar to a real user’s usage environment, such as the smart home, smart office, or smart building. For Smart Home scenarios, Allion provides one-stop consultancy services as follows:

  • Ecosystem Interoperability & Real-World Testing
  • Mobile App Consultancy Service
  • Wireless Infrastructure Consulting Service (WICS)
  • Security Evaluation
  • Compliance & Certification

Fully Prepared Devices Ensure Products Interoperability

To ensure interoperability and functionality with other products, Allion has prepared thousands of smart home devices.

Our test device inventory includes Wi-Fi APs/Routers/CPEs, mobile devices (including the latest iOS and Android devices), Smart TVs, and STBs. We will continue to acquire Matter-supported devices when released, so interoperability with real Matter-supported devices can be tested and ensured.

To save your time, costs, and efforts, contact us today to acquire all necessary services in one stop.

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